Monday, March 28, 2011

Fructose Free Fun Food

One of the most alluring things about sugar laden treats is the fact that they are usually very pleasing to the eye. It's almost impossible to walk past a display of pastries like this without stopping  for a closer look.

Nice to look at but prepare to pay for damages if you eat!

When I recently set out to make a Birthday Cake for my Daughter
(lover of all things sweet, especially chocolate)
 my goal was to make something visually stunning
to prove that being Fructose Free can be fun and flavorsome.

I am very proud to share with you my
Neapolitan Ice Cream Cup Cake Creation!

I made  a batch of chocolate ice cream using the recipe from the Sweet Poison Quit Plan. Lined a 12 cup muffin tray with  pretty paper muffin cups. Filled each cup half way with chocolate ice cream and stored in the freezer overnight. 

Next day I made a batch of vanilla ice cream (using the same recipe minus the cocoa). I then filled each muffin cup to the rim with some of the vanilla ice cream. I left the remainder of the vanilla ice cream in the churner because I was going to turn that into strawberry ice cream by adding a puree I had made earlier by cooking in a saucepan a punnet and a half of chopped strawberries, 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup dextrose until it looks like jam. (Prepare this in advance and chill in the fridge before adding to ice cream)

I also added a couple of drops of red food coloring to the Strawberry mix to get the pretty pink color. An easier option for the strawberry ice cream would be to simply add some strawberry essence and food coloring.

While the vanilla layer was setting in the freezer I put the strawberry ice cream into a container in the freezer to harden a little before I started the next stage.

When the ice cream was firm  I used a spoon to scoop small mounds of strawberry ice cream on top of the vanilla and placed back in the freezer immediately. At this stage I took the cakes out of the muffin tray and worked on them one at a time to prevent them from melting too much.

When the ice cream cakes were well frozen  I then decorated with whipped thickened cream (which I had sweetened with a couple of spoons of dextrose to taste) and topped with a frozen raspberry. I cheated and finished them off with some sugar cake sprinkles that I still had in the cupboard. They are of course an optional extra!

I placed them back in the freezer ready to serve on my prettiest plate topped with the cutest candles.

This cake was very much enjoyed by all (fructose free or not). Good thing is that unlike a traditional birthday cake the leftovers of this cake can be kept in the freezer for weeks! Of course you can make the whole process a lot easier by making cup cakes from one flavor ice cream. (I can't help but show off a bit!)

Talking about showing off. 
Check out what I did with the No-Bake Cheesecake recipe in David's book!

Inspired by memories of The Cheesecake Shop fare I made a strawberry version by topping it with sliced strawberries (while still in the baking tin) and then making a jelly using warm water (about 1/2 cup), 2 tspns gelatine that has been dissolved in a small amount of the water and about 1/4 cup of dextrose. Color (a drop or two of red food coloring) and flavor to taste. ( I used rose water because I don't have strawberry essence) When jelly is cool but not yet set pour carefully over the strawberries and place in fridge to set.
The basic cheesecake is very delicious especially the cooked base made with coconut and almond flakes.

For those of you who prefer something crunchy. 
Here are photos of two more recipes from David's book that I recommend. 
I often wonder if more people would be convinced to give the Quit Plan
a go if the recipes in the book had color photos of the recipes in it.
My guess it would make the book more expensive and possibly seem less credible.

Almond Bread. Perfect With a Cuppa

Anzac Biscuits (my husband's all time favorite)
Finally, I would like to share with you a very special treat that was knitted by my clever daughter.
 The perfect gift for a reformed sugar addict.....Or is it?
100% Sugar Free, 100% Fat Free, 100% Food Free


  1. Maree, those treats look fabulous! I have a dinner party tonight and wasn't sure what to make for dessert, I'm thinking ice cream might just do it!

    I love the licorice all-sorts. They were a big favourite of mine. But now just thinking about the sweetness hurts my teeth!

  2. Yum, very inspirational! I've not ventured far into fructose free treats yet, but maybe soon...

  3. Maree, from what I have seen the Quit Plan book is not available in the US. His other book is though, called Sugar Is Poison. I am hoping there might be enough info. in that one to help me get started on this. I desperately need to lose weight and I am definitely addicted to sugar!
    I am glad to find your blog and will keep reading!

  4. What a pity you can't get a hold of the book in US. My sister is in NY for a holiday at the moment. I could have sent a copy with her and she could have posted it to you! It is a very helpful tool when you first start out but once you break the habit avoiding sugar becomes a lifestyle. Good luck.

  5. Amylisa

    David confirmed that the book is not avaliable in the US. Something to do with publishing rights but you can download an E Book at