Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Year Sugar Free

I haven't written a post for a while now and am very happy to tell you that it is NOT because I have fallen off the wagon. (Like I did with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig)

This is not me! (and I don't think it is really her!)

 It IS simply because my Sugar free obsession has now turned into a seemingly effortless lifestyle.

I feel like I have graduated from The University Of Wellbeing with a High Distinction in Eliminating Fructose from Your Diet.
In order to pass I had to master units of study such as Reading Food Labels in Search of Hidden Sugars and  Creative Cooking with Dextrose.

I am feeling so much better (both physically and mentally) than I did a year ago and have now lost 14kg.

 I delight in the fact that if I simply avoid sugar I will not regain the weight and will probably lose even more.

I have had my story published as part of an article on Sugar Addiction in an Australian Magazine,12881
and have managed to stay grounded despite my celebrity status.

Be warned the whole thing was not as glamorous as you might think. I was interviewed by phone, had to take and submit my own photo and got nothing as compensation (not even a free copy of the magazine)

That's me just right of the jelly beans!
In my post about Sugar Free Muesli one of my readers (thanks Caylow) had a great suggestion about turning my plain muesli into delicious Sweet Crunchy Toasted Muesli. My husband loves it so much that I have been making it ever since.
Making Toasted Muesli with a little help from my beautiful Grand Daughter

I start off with 10 cups of my Muesli (see recipe on previous post) and mix in 1 cup of Rice Malt Syrup (In Australia I buy it from Coles in the Health Food Section) and 1/2 cup Rice Bran Oil. Spread out the mixture on 2 baking trays and place in moderate oven. Keep a close eye on it (the edges will brown quickly) and stir the mixture around several times until it is a golden toasted colour. When it is cool store in airtight container.  It is so yummy served with natural yoghurt and berries.
Mmmmmm! Toasted Muesli to die for!
One of the biggest challenges for people trying to have a Fructose Free Life is the fact that you are forced to spend more time sourcing suitable food and ingredients and you inevitably end up spending more time in the kitchen preparing stuff that it is impossible to buy. Of course there is a definite up side to this in that you know exactly what you are eating but the down side is that a lot of people are time poor.

 I especially empathise with working Mums and wish that I could send them all a parcel of my home baked fructose free fare.

 For the time being sharing recipes on my blog will have to do.