Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spillin' my Guts (what's left of them) to the Media in a Tell All Interview

I am busting to tell you all that I am now officially Almost Famous and it's NOT because I live next door to the teenage boy that recently caused  worldwide havoc on Twitter.

Meet Pearce the boy that lives next door (on the right) as featured in  The Age

It IS because I have just been interviewed by a reporter from Body and Soul magazine who is doing an article about The Sweet Poison Quit Plan for their glossy edition due out in May.

The interview was like a cross between a chat with a girlfriend (where you are left feeling you might have divulged too much) and a job interview (where you are left thinking you should have said more).

In order to get a better understanding of how addicted I used to be to sugar the reporter started by asking what my weakness was prior to detox. 

That was easy to answer.


 She wanted me to be more specific.

The Snakes and jellies that have no artificial colours or flavours and are 97% fat free. Practically a health food especially when followed by a half a block of dark chocolate!

Then she wanted to know how much of it I used to eat. 

I used to gobble down a whole packet of snakes in one go.

So would that be a 200g packet? 

Yes, but sometimes I got the packets that had 25% extra Free or the family size one if it was on special or the Party Sized packet that I had bought with the intention of making it last the rest of the week. *deep breath*

Here's the part where I really started to feel a bit sweaty and uncomfortable. She wanted me to put a figure on how much (as in grams or kilos) I went through in a week.

Ummm Errrrr OK. Lots. Several packets. Yeah. More than a kilo, probably closer to two. 

AAAArgghhhhhhhhhh! It's any wonder I was addicted to sugar and that reporter cleverly got me to spill the details of my secret addiction to her and she might possibly publish it for all the world (my husband included) to see.

So that's it.

I have done it.

Inspired by Oprah (and her recent secret sister situation) I thought I would get in first and confess to you, my loyal followers, the sordid details of my addiction before it makes 98th page news in a magazine.

People that are sceptical of David's Plan (mostly qualified Nutritionists) will no doubt conclude that I have lost weight simply because I have stopped eating lollies.

Lollies are high in calories and should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet they would say. 

But here's the thing. When I feel like snacking now rather than eating lollies I now eat chips, nuts, popcorn, pretzels instead which are also high in calories and somehow I am able to do this and eat any other food that does not contain regular sugar and lose weight at the same time.

Good thing is that the facts about sugar is starting to get more attention in the press and I was so happy to read that Sarah is now on board. 

Something tells me she might have a couple more people reading her blog than I do!

Bad news is that I have noticed that one of the big soft drink retailers is heavily promoting the fact that some of their fizzy drinks now don't contain any artificial colours or flavours.

Six months ago I would have been impressed and stocked up on the "healthy version" of soft drink. Lucky for me. I have seen the light (glaring as it was) and I am never going to fall for the old No Artificial Colours or Flavours trick again! 

I'll let you know about the interview if and when it is published.


  1. Well done Maree! I will be keeping an eye out for the article for sure:)

  2. Great Blog Maree, how good is it when you finally see Davids Light.....its too easy. 10kgs in 6 months and counting...... spread the word....

  3. Thanks for commenting. It's so nice to get feedback. Yes brianandviv, spread the word is right. I feel a bit like an really annoying born again person on a crusade at times!