Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 10 Tips for success

I am 5 months in to Fructose free living and it is now so easy for me. Shopping is a breeze because (thanks to a lot of label reading and my new prescription glasses) I have come to know what foods to buy and what to avoid.
Unfortunately this is NOT a photo of me!
Since starting The Sweet Poison Quit Plan I have lost 11kg. The only goal I work toward is to become healthy and the incidental weight loss is definitely helping me to feel  much better than I have for a long time. I have noticed a definite improvement in both my physical and mental well being. I am losing weight from all the right places and I feel like I am turning back the ageing clock by shedding the bulk that had started to gather around my waist.

Fortunately this is NOT a photo of me!
So here are some of my tips for success if you are following the Sweet Poison Quit Plan.

  1. Keep the book handy. I found that re reading parts of the book helped me through some of the earlier and more challenging moments.
  2. Have a mantra that you repeat over and over in your head. Mine is simply the title of my blog. SUGAR IS POISON
  3. Ignore the scales when you start out. Despite feeling thinner I did not lose any weight in the first month then I all of a sudden lost 3kgs and after that have maintained a steady, gradual weight loss. Some people become disheartened when they don't get immediate results.
  4. Embrace fat laden foods. Do not be afraid of the fat content of foods. I really enjoy a full cream latte now. I find that having full cream version makes up for the lack of sugar and is a satisfying treat.
  5. Eat your veggies! The fibre in vegetables is a must have in your diet. When I reduced the amount of fruit I consumed I made sure to compensate by eating more veggies. I do not even consider the fructose content of veggies given that they are full of fibre.
  6. Drink lots of water. Very cheap drink when you have it on tap. If I am feeling decadent I will have a sparkling mineral water or a nice glass of wine (or two!)
  7. Stock up on Dextrose and buy an ice cream maker. Especially if you have children or an ice cream loving husband like mine. 
  8. When invited out to a BBQ or dinner party then insist that you will only come if you can bring a dessert to share. This is my way of avoiding the problems that might be associated with refusing to eat a sugar laden treat that the host might have spent hours preparing.
  9. Search the internet for information, forums and articles that will reinforce the anti sugar message. (Good for you. You already have done this because you are reading this!)
  10. If anyone challenges what you are doing in a negative way then challenge them to read the book. That (and the fact that you are looking fabulous) should shut them up! 
In my next blog I am going to share with you some of the typical meals I eat. 
Until then. Have fun and take care.

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