Monday, January 3, 2011

My Post Christmas Post

Well Christmas and the New Year Celebrations have been and gone and I am happy to report that I have made it through with incredible ease. None of the customary weight gain for me this time round. I easily resisted all the sugar laden fare and was not at all tempted by the handful of toffees that a stalking Santa slipped into my handbag while I was innocently shopping.
I like to give out candy. I want people to love me!

We had 30 food loving people at our place to feed on Christmas Day. For mains I served a perfectly cooked whole Beef Eye Fillet accompanied by a Red Wine Jus and Horseradish cream. We cooked a huge piece of pork on the rotisserie of the BBQ. My sister took on the crazy challenge of boning and stuffing a turkey and bought it to my place still steaming hot and ready to carve. We had scalloped potatoes and baby potatoes covered in garlic and parsley butter along with several magnificent salads that were provided by other members of the family. (Oh! and of course I also made sure there was a chunk of non animal protein for my Vegetarian husband)

For dessert I served the fructose free Brandy Baskets that I shared with you in an earlier post. I made a mountain of icecream with my dwindling supply of dextrose. They were a real hit. I experimented a bit with the ice cream and made several different flavours including chocolate, peppermint choc chip and  pistachio. I filled the baskets with a couple of scoops of icecream and then topped it off with a spoonful of macerated fresh berries with chopped basil. Unfortunately I did not have time to take a photo to share with you but it was very much enjoyed by all. The ice cream was especially popular and most guests came back for seconds.

The whole Christmas thing has made me much  more aware of how much crap we are exposed to as part of our so called celebrations. I couldn't help but notice the Hot Cross Buns are already on the shelves in the supermarket today and that means that Easter Eggs will soon follow. It's any wonder that we have an Obesity Crisis in our Western World and I feel that it is a ploy of big business to target mainly the young and socially disadvantaged so that they become addicted to the lethal white stuff.

Usually at this time of year I would be scouring the stores for Post Christmas bargains and part of that exercise would include stocking up on a heap of confectionery that has been reduced to clear.

But  this year I was on the lookout for something else altogether. 

This year I bought myself some very nice new clothes that show off my increasingly pleasing form. Even I have to admit that my body is slowly transforming from flabby frump style to comfortably curvy. My husband even noted that I have lost weight in all the right places. Given that he is a boob loving guy I am guessing that you don't need me to elaborate!

I also bought 12 bottles of cream.

 Not the sort of thing you would expect a person who is losing weight to purchase but I have a store that is within walking distance to where I live that is called Not Quite Right or NQR. They sell groceries that are close to the use by date or end of line or surplus stock for a fraction of what they charge at the supermarket. I bought all this for $3.96. Much to the delight of my husband I will be re stocking the freezer with several batches of home made ice cream over the next week or so. I love making my own Fructose Free Ice Cream and my husband loves eating it.
 A perfect partnership!

Since I have been Fructose free my intake of fat in the form of cream and butter has greatly increased yet my weight has been dropping consistently. I am living proof that David Gillespie's Sweet Poison Quit Plan does work.

Hooray and Happy New Year to all of you.

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