Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dextrose....This Stuff is to Sugar as Methadone is to Heroin

My name is Maree and I am a recovering addict. My drug of choice was sucrose which is commonly known as sugar. I have now successfully withdrawn from my addiction with the help of The Sweet Poison Quit Plan and have replaced regular sugar with the far less insidious white powder that is Dextrose.

Getting your hands on a kilo of Dextrose is not a simple as you might think. None of the supermarkets in my area stock it. When I first started using it I was able to buy it at my local K Mart.

Last week I made a special trip to K Mart to pick up some more Dextrose because my supply was running low. My heart started racing when I went to the part of the store where the Home Brew Supplies should have been but were now stocked with Christmas confectionery.

My panic subsided when I finally spotted the Home Brew section that had been shifted to a less conspicuous part of the store. A quick scan of the shelves and my anxiety sky rocketed even higher than before.

No dextrose on the shelves and no ticket indicating the spot where it should have been if it were in stock.

K Mart no longer stocks the precious powder that enables me to stay off sugar. I was shaken and devastated, but not for long.

I pulled myself together, went home and searched the Internet with the thought of perhaps ordering a bulk lot to be delivered to my house. My search revealed that it was available at a Brew Supply Shop near where my sister lives.

Lucky for me my sister is a Dextrose user just like me. She picked up a 5kg bag for me and we arranged for the exchange to take place over a meal at an Indian Restaurant near her house.

My sister chose to meet at this particular Indian restaurant because the food is amazing, the price is extremely low, the service wonderful and most importantly we (former sugar addicts) can happily eat most Indian dishes because they use spices (not sugar) to flavour the food

So here it is. My precious 5kg bag of Dextrose. I have used 1 and 1/4 cups of it to create a beautiful dessert that I am going to take to a dinner party at an unsuspecting sugar using friends place tonight.

Thanks to my  followers (all 4 of

Make sure to look out for photos and instructions in which I will share the dessert I made in one of my future blogs.

It's very impressive if I do say so myself!

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