Monday, November 15, 2010

Toughing it out in the Test Kitchen

I really have to take my hat off to Lizzie (David's wife) who has managed to come up with some wonderful recipes that are included in The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. Every one that I have tried so far has been a huge hit.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and what's more she mostly uses basic ingredients.

For the past couple of days I have been thinking of Lizzie while I have been cooking up an idea for a Christmas sweet treat. I thought about how many times she must have tried certain recipes in order to get them right and wondered how many disasters she had along the way.

One of my husbands favourite things to eat at the moment is the Anzac biscuits I make thanks to one of Lizzies recipes. When I first made them he commented (between mouthfuls) that they tasted a bit like Brandy Snaps.

This gave me an idea that at the time I thought was brilliant. Mmmmmm, I thought "Brandy snaps, cream and strawberries all shaped into something that represented Christmas".

and this is what I came up with
My Dextrose Dusted Strawberry and Cream Biscuit Creation
Now don't get too excited because whilst this creation may look good I've got to tell you it didn't taste as good as I thought it would and the texture was all wrong. So I am afraid it's back to the test kitchen for me. I am working on a version of the biscuit minus the rolled oats so that it is indeed just like a brandy snap.

Lizzies Anzac Biscuits

In the meantime you might want to bake some of these wonderful Anzac biscuits as per Lizzies recipe. I add the optional ginger and cinnamon as suggested to make them more like Ginger Nuts. They are very sweet and crunchy and  they keep well in an airtight container (for as long as I can hide them away from my husband that is!)

Great news! I am excited to tell you that I have done it! I have made brandy snaps using dextrose and I will be proudly presenting them in my next post which will be published soon (because I am so delighted with my results).


  1. Ooo this is exciting! Good on you, I can't wait for your next post. I have been wondering about Christmas treats (first sugar-free Christmas for my family too).

  2. Mmmmmm I'm looking forward to Christmas!