Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marty's Mates are Sugar Babies

During a visit about 6 weeks ago my Brother in Law Marty casually picked up my copy of Sweet Poison Quit Plan and started to read it while his wife (my gorgeous little sister Wendy) and I chatted over a cuppa.

An hour or so later, when it was time to leave Marty declared  "That's it. I'm going to stop eating sugar". He asked if he could take the book home so he could finish reading it.

I had a little panic attack at the thought of letting go of the book that had become my Bible but I thought that for the good of mankind I needed to help spread the word (especially to the people I love most). Besides, I could always go an purchase another copy (which I did).

Yesterday, I found out that since Marty first read the book has lost 5kgs. He was not terribly overweight to begin with but was developing a bit of a gut. I was so excited to hear that he had stuck to the plan and was losing weight as well as looking and feeling great. 

I think that the weight loss regime outlined in Sweet Poison Quit Plan is an ideal one for blokes because many of them prefer savoury type foods and they can have a beer and eat too.
Marty is a very likeable and funny guy. He now refers to all of his mates that are struggling with their weight as Sugar Babies. A perfect description for those who are addicted to sugar. Good one Marty!

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