Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't eat this. Don't eat that. Blah Blah Blah...

We are constantly bombarded with various types of media that warns us all about the dangers of certain types of food. On the other hand, we are presented with lists of so called Super Foods with antioxidants being  the latest nutritional must have.

I am guessing that the majority of us have become somewhat immune to these constant streams of information and we barely lift an eyelid when yet another Must Try Diet Plan is promoted in the tabloids, Current Affair programs, in every 2nd advertisement on TV and even in the peripherals of your Facebook page.

As for Diet Books. There are SO many of them and their abundance in the library or book shop can almost be compared with the amount of room allocated to confectionery in our supermarkets (well not really but I just wanted to get your attention by over dramatising)

I had all but given up trying to manage my ever increasing weight problem until I heard David Gillespie talking about his book Sweet Poison Quit Plan on the radio.
In the book he makes claims that sound so ridiculous that your brain starts to transmit a warning message which goes something like this.


Thankfully, David always back up his claims with facts, figures and research and amazingly what he says is incredibly true. Let me share a couple of the bits of his book that I am talking about.

"You will still eat as much as you want of anything you want as long as it doesn't contain sugar. And you won't feel deprived in any way."

Stop Laughing and let me explain that from my experience this statement is incredibly true. I have been able to indulge in Roast Dinners, Fish and Chips, Pasta Meals, Schnitzels etc.and for the first time in my life I don't feel the least bit guilty about using lashings of cream and butter in and on my food. I have lost 8kg in 4 months and I feel so much better both physically and mentally.  I do make sure to eat lots of veggies and drink plenty of water.  My moderate intake of alcohol and my exercise routine (which mainly consists of walking the dog) has not changed at all.
Sunday roast dinner with lamb, vegetables and gravy
A sample of the kind of food I eat (but my husband doesn't because he is a vegetarian}

And here is another quote from the book that I think is the key to my successful weight loss.

"Your appetite control will start to return to normal as you progress through the withdrawal period. This means meals you would have polished off easily before now will be impossible to finish."
If only my appetite control switch was this easy to find!
I have, for the first time in my life, found that my body was in fact equipped with the wonderful feature of appetite control. I honestly do not feel the urge to snack between meals. I no longer hover around the fridge or pantry thinking about what snack might satisfy my cravings. This is a liberating experience for me and I really feel good about myself.

Thanks David for turning Fad to Fact.
Your'e my hero.

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  1. I've managed to read 2 pages of his book so far, and I'm already convinced! Now, if only Alexandra would stop dragging me away...........